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The Whitley County Historical Museum is housed in the Columbia City, Indiana home of Thomas Riley Marshall, Indiana Governor and 28th Vice President of the United States. The Museum interprets not only the life of Thomas Marshall but also the great history of Whitley County and its peoples. The Museum complex consists of the Marshall House, an Annex, and an Outhouse. Guided tours, detailed exhibits, and informative programming help bring Whitley County history to life for our visitors. The Whitley County Historical Museum works in conjunction with the Whitley County Historical Society.

OUR MISSION: Here at the Whitley County Historical Museum, our mission is to instill in people an appreciation of the persons and events which have molded the Whitley County community; to collect, preserve, and offer historic artifacts and stories to the public through exhibits, publications, collaboration, research, and educational programs.

museum hours

Tuesday - Thursday:  9:00AM - 5:00PM 
Friday: 9:00AM - NOON

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The entrance to the facility is now at the Research Center. For tours, see us in the Research Center.



Membership Dues have changed! Dues have been the same for over 20 years while postage, bulletin costs, and such have increased. The board decided to raise membership cost to $20/per year effective 03/01/18. Also due dates have been changed to make things easier and more efficient for everyone involved! Membership Renewal for everyone will be due on April 1st of each year. Any questions, contact the museum at (260) 244-6372.




There is no charge for these programs. Please call to reserve your seat, because COVID-19 precautions will be followed.




*October 6 - 3:00PM GRAND OPENING of the



            "Meehkweelintamankwi Aanchsahaaciki"

            - "Our Forced Removal" Exhibit on

            the Miami Removal

            4:00PM Diane Hunter - “Myaamiaki

            ‘Miami People’: A Living People with

            a Past”





*October 13 - 4:00PM George Ironstrack -



             'Picking up the Threads of our

              Knowledge:' The Impact of Forced

              Removal on the Revitalization of

              Myaamia Language and Culture”

*October 16 - 1:00PM Katrina Mitten - “Art and

             Assimilation: The effect of Removal

             on Those Allowed to Remain”.

             Katrina will share the effects of

             removal on the Miami People and the

             art that they produce.

October 28 - 11:30AM "Fun with Flags" with Mark

             Parker at the Senior Citizens

             Center at 710 Opportunity Drive,

             Columbia City

​​​​​​​​*November 3 - 4:00PM Todd Pelfry - “Mainsprings

             of the Wildcat: The Making of Chief

             Jean Baptiste de Richardville”.

*November 17 - 4:00PM Doug Peconge - "Myaamia

              Lacrosse" Doug will speak about

              Myaamia Lacrosse

November 18 - 11:30AM "Civil War Dancing &

              Etiquette" with Russ & Lois

              Gilliom at the Senior Citizens

              Center at 710 Opportunity Drive,

              Columbia City

*November 24 - 4:00PM Dani Tippmann - “Myaamia

              Plant Traditions”. Dani will talk

              about the use of indigenous plants

              by Miami people for use as food,

              medicine and technology.


*These programs have been made possible through

a grant from Indiana Humanities in cooperation

with the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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The Museum recently with the help of Randy Elliott, volunteer Karen Cheng, and Anchor Films of Fort Wayne, filmed exciting old time fashion videos. Here are the episodes!

Episode 3 - Military Edition

Episode 1 of 2 - Vintage Clothing

3rd Grade Curriculum for Local History For Teachers and Parents

Time Travelers allows members of The History Center access to over 178 reciprocal institutions with over 250 individual museums and historical societies in 43 states. Members of Time Travelers organizations receive a variety of special benefits, such as free admission or gift shop discounts when they visit Time Travelers affiliates. For a listing of member institutions click here.

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Episode 2 of 2 - Vintage Clothing